Bookbinding Work Bench

The Queen's Work Benches for Bookbinders

The Queen's Workbench is a complete unit for bookbinders, beautifully designed and constructed in seasoned wood which we believe to be the finest on the market.

The work bench is ideal for schools, colleges and binderies as well as being totally practical for the individual craft binder.

Materials can be neatly and conveniently stored in one place.

Special features include:

  • Heavy duty bench shears, a magnificent curved hollow ground Sheffield steel blade
  • Foot operated clamp to grip boards and safeguard fingers
  • Sliding set-square to ensure correct and parallel cutting
  • Cupboard with sliding shelves
  • A full size Lying Press and Plough

Please see bookbinding price list for further information (PDF)

Order Information for The Queen's Workbench

Please contact us for order information.
Coles Farm, Cole Street, Wilby, Eye, Suffolk, IP21 5LH
+44 (0) 1379 388 899
Russells will issue a proforma invoice once your order is agreed.

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