Genuine Oil Tanned Chamois Leathers

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At Russell Fine Leathers, we provide high-performance Chamois leather– sustainably sourced and fabricated using traditional craft techniques.

Genuine chamois leather is a rarity. High quality examples are even rarer. True chamois is made from hand-selected sheepskin, which must have a distinct fibre in order to enable the correct absorption of the oil. The oil itself is sourced from natural marine products, the tanning of which works in harmony with the loose weave to create a uniquely soft, durable, and absorbent finish. Genuine chamois is praised for its gentle, soaping properties. Crucially, genuine examples are entirely chemical free, ensuring that no leather is damaged or otherwise compromised.

Our selection of genuine oil tanned leathers has been compiled from extensive research and experience. Authentically sourced and meticulously checked, it guarantees the highest quality.

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