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Our Prices

At Russell Fine Leathers we aim to provide the widest selection of high quality leathers, at the best possible prices.

Specialist leathers are bespoke products and require careful preparation, and are therefore priced on an individual basis. Craft-grade leathers are prepared in small batches using traditional techniques. This sustainable approach to leather materials results in a superior product that is suitable for a wide range of crafts – from bookbinding to musical instruments.

These premium materials are often priced higher than mass-produced alternatives due to the processes involved, but also give far better value for money. At Russells, we provide the ideal materials for unique books, pipe organs, and instruments that are designed to last – giving centuries of potential use and enjoyment. Each book, instrument, and conservation project is individual, so our experts will work within your budget to provide the highest quality solution for you and your customers.

Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your requirements, or to place an order.

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